Active diligence

Big Details is an emerging company developing a novel platform for “Active Diligence” – the automated, real-time monitoring, interrogation, and archiving of information around a diligence target.

Big Details will transform the way people do business by enabling diligence to be performed real-time from a single location without having to wade through mountains of irrelevant data on a daily basis.

The Problem

Diligence is a critical part of every business. Understanding clients, customers, competitors, partners, buyers, or sellers requires in-depth knowledge for immediate decision making. In the modern information age there is an overabundance of data and data sources. Decision makers today have a limited timeframe and processing capacity to make appropriate decisions. In an under resourced or inefficient corporate environment, many key pieces of information go unnoticed or do not get transmitted to the correct stakeholders in a timely fashion.

The Platform

Utilizing an intelligent searching and filtering algorithm, the Big Details Active Diligence platform takes a users diligence target (a company, product, industry, or scientific field) and creates a customized Active Diligence Portal with up-to-date and categorized external market information and intelligence specific and relevant to that industry. Information can be annotated with user comments and flagged for follow-up by other users. Internally generated information and documents can also be added to provide a single location for all diligence data. Moreover, Big Details platform provides all of this information in a chronological, understandable, easily accessible format that can be shared or transferred as enhanced intellectual capital within or between companies during a product transition, divestiture or M&A event, maintaining complete continuity.

The Big Details platform is initially being developed for the pharmaceutical industry and has been tested by diligence experts, including CEO’s, business development executives, venture capitalists, and market research executives. Reviews have been exceptionally positive.

The Big Details Active Diligence platform has broad applicability across many information rich industries and has the ability to monitor, sort and rank hundreds of diligence targets simultaneously.


Shawn Bridy MA, MBA – Founder – Shawn has worked in corporate due diligence his entire career, spanning all stages of product development, licensing transactions, venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. Previously Shawn worked for Elan Pharmaceuticals as Director of Business Development leading both in and out licensing transactions. Prior to Elan, Shawn worked as a venture capital, due diligence and drug valuation advisor to multiple life sciences venture capital groups and operating companies. In addition, Shawn has worked for GSK in their Oncology, Global Commercial Strategy group, and was VP of Strategy and Business Development, Neuroscience for BTG plc.

Shawn has an MA in Biology and an MBA in Finance from Villanova University and a BA/BS in Zoology from Miami University.


Larry Schroepfer – Counsel – Larry is the founder of Schroepfer Technology Law, a specialty law firm which focuses on licensing and technology based intellectual property transactions. Larry has over 30 years experience as a legal professional and licensing executive across both life and physical sciences. Larry’s work experience and accomplishments include managing all intellectual property transactions on a global basis for a Fortune-250 electronics manufacturer, successfully concluding hundreds of licensing and other technology transactions with companies in all major and developing markets of the world, including China, as well as serving as sole US-based counsel for the life sciences business of a United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical and biotech technology development and commercialization company.

The Development Team

SparkNET uses technology-based solutions to help resolve broad-based business issues. Since 2007, we’ve provided Fortune 500 companies, as well as middle tier, multinational, and startups with technology and business solutions that have dramatically grown their bottom line. Our client-centric model is designed to allow us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ world to ensure our solutions match their business objectives at a price point that makes sense for them.


Jonathon Beschen

Jonathon’s professional career began as a software developer during his co-ops at Drexel University. While at school he developed specialized business solution software for One Beacon Insurance and Pennoni Associates. Before graduation he found a team of exceedingly skilled technologists and in 2007, 1 year after graduation, he started Sparknet Technologies, LLC as a partnership. SparkNET was profitable within the first 3 months and has enjoyed continued growth since that day.

Jonathan De Jong

Jonathan began his career path with grand ambitions. He started his own IT and computer repair company for family friends and neighbors in 1999. As he slowly expanded his company’s client base he began working at Unisys Corporation as a primary income stream. During his five years at Unisys he achieved the title of Software Engineer Level 3 while working on their widely utilized Server Sentinel Project. His role in this large software project included pre-planning, architecture, design and development for the first 6 versions of the product. During his spare time he built the client basis for JD Computers to include medium sized companies including CVM Engineers and Radnor Trust Bank. With these clients he was able to work for himself full time, so he left Unisys pursued that venture.